Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lego Inferno: Part 2

A little over 3 years ago, I posted the MOST READ blog post on our site ...  Lego Inferno.  It's really no surprise that it got so many hits considering ALL parents probably curse at Legos like I do, and after all, they are the #1 toy in the world.  (Source: in Vicky's mind).  Here's a part two, the THEN and NOW, of where we stand with the inferno:

Then (August 2010): I was at my wit's end! Legos covered our grand piano in our living room.  They snuck under my feet, in the dark, and hurt me.  Our "Big O" organizer, Monica Ricci, came into town to record a bunch of show episodes and helped me gain control of the Lego inferno. We posted photos of the inexpensive wire basket and shoe box system from IKEA and boy, did it really work!  It's a GREAT solution that everyone loved.  I was happy ... for a while anyway.

Now (January 2014): Yeah, well ... I wanted my living room back.  What can I say?  I mean, it's been fun, but Aidan is 11 years old now.  He collects and he builds, but not as much.  The Lego piano top was always dusty.  For his last birthday he wanted his room turned into a "man cave". We explained that "man caves" need to develope over time.  Maybe one day he could have that mini-fridge, dart board, and pool table but right now ... Those. Legos. Needed. To. Go. Into. Aidan's. Room.  Our priority was to re-tame that Lego inferno that continued to grow over the past 3 years.  Another trip to IKEA was in order ... for MORE!

Next, we hired "Two Men and a Truck" to move Aidan's Legos upstairs.  (Just kidding.) We purchased another wire basket "system" since it worked so darn well.  You'll recall from the original Lego Inferno post that the system includes the rolling cart, clear shoe boxes and open divider trays. We added a few things:  a "display shelf" for his collections; a cabinet with drawers; and two basic tables (slid together) for building.
As for the inexpensive-ness of our lego solution ... I can't say the same really applies now.  The prices did go up quite a bit.  The rolling cart with wire baskets were $27 then; now they are about $40.  Plus, we did invest in some furniture for Aidan's room - pieces he will not outgrow, even when the Legos are packed up.  You know IKEA, they were still affordable, and this was Aidan's birthday present.

So now, I present to you ... The Lego Man Cave.
The display shelf: Aidan collect the Lego Mini-Figure Series.  Right now he has Series 1-12.  That's 192 Lego guys sitting on the top of the shelf.  
Two IKEA work tables are nestled together, side by side.  The black cabinet with drawers mentioned above fits perfectly under the tables, but I don't dare to open them.
The lil' twerp has the biggest room in the house.  His train table, from when he was a toddler, also fits snug under the tables. The train table has 2 drawer-on-rollers under it for bonus storage.  
The mantle was converted into a display space where 1. sister can't reach and 2. where his creations can be admired.  The wire basket system that I rave about is to the right.  The neat part is the 4-drawer rolling cart can be stacked on top of each together.  So what you're looking at is two rolling carts put together.  We didn't buy the wheels or the flat shelf top when we went back to IKEA; we just stacked for a total of 8 baskets.  He's taller, so the system was able to be taller!
P.S.  I've marked my calendar for a 2017 Lego Inferno (Part 3) update.  Aidan will be in high school.

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Monica Ricci said...

Looks great!! (I can't believe my boyfriend is ELEVEN already though!) Looking forward to when I can visit and see the Legos again with my own eyes! (not really -- just looking forward to the visit. I still don't like Legos!) LOL