Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Hug Anytime!

Sometimes you just want to give your little one a hug in the middle of the day. With Lunchbox Love for Kids, you can add a special note to your chid's lunchbox so you can stay connected even when you're far apart. 
A set of Lunchbox Love for Kids has 12 unique cards, each with a different heartfelt, positive message on the front and a different fun trivia or joke on the back, including two cards that have blank fronts, allowing you to write your own message to your child. There are 48 different volumes of Lunchbox Love for Kids, with more than enough cards so you will never have to repeat a message, fact, or joke throughout the school year. 

Also, a set of Lunchbox Love for Kids makes a thoughtful gift for Mother's Day or end-of-the-year teacher gift.  Check out all of the different volumes of Lunchbox Love, including packs for adults, holidays, and summer camp at, where you can save 15% on your order with coupon code VICKYJEN. 

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