Saturday, February 9, 2013

POPS! ... as in WallPops!

As grateful recipients and reviewers of WallPops peel and stick wall art, let us tell you what we love about POPS!

P = personal.
O = organizational.
P = precious.
S = simple.

P is for personal. From fun superheroes to colorful stained glass clings, WallPops has a huge selection of decor for every room and every person.  Vicky went soft and sweet with 3D butterflies and pretty flowers that make you smile.  Jen went totally circular with a bright and whimsical pattern totally for big girls.  Create your own or get inspired by one of their many design ideas!

O is for organization.  Jen's girls room was finally redone - updated, revamped and re-organized!  The girl's tastes change so quickly, as they grow so quickly, and it was time for a change.  One thing led to another, snowballing into a big transformation, but the best part of the project was the POP they added at the end with WallPops.  Consider dry-erase boards and calendars by WallPops and you're even more organized!

P is for precious.  New baby rooms.  Growth charts.  Nursery rhymes.  Special sayings for your little one.  Total sweetness!  And it doesn't get sweeter than Ellie admiring her butterflies and flowers (on a daily basis) and instructing her baby doll, "look baby, no touch".

S is for simple.  We were a little nervous that WallPops might not be truly re-positionable, but they are, and they are fantastic! Surprisingly, the kids applied the decals on their own.  Yeah, they're that easy!

! (at the end of POPS!) is for happy.  Visit for your own happy home transformations!

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Anonymous said...

Your daughters art work is amazing is bold and sassy and the other is direct and to the point . New generation of movers and shakers. Watch out world. You must be proud !