Friday, February 1, 2013

A Cold Coming On?

It's cold and flu season and we can always seem to feel it coming on.  There isn't a cure, but chicken soup really can help!  Apparently, the compounds in broth help to calm the immune cells that contribute to the inflammatory symptoms like body aches.  

If you add some other ingredients, you can get a few more benefits:

- Add garlic if you are feeling really stuffed up.
- If you are having trouble sleeping, add rice.  Eat a bowl a couple of hours before bed for the starchy carbs to fall asleep sooner and sleep more soundly.
- No surprise here, but if you are feeling a bit queasy, add some minced ginger.

For more facts, and tips for a speedy recovery, listen to You and the Flu.  Here is to you and a healthy winter - bowl's up!

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