Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Granny vs Nerf

... and Granny won.

After years of birthday presents, yard sales and shopping with his savings, Aidan's Nerf gun collection grew slightly out of control, taking over his entire train table.  I racked my brain searching for an organizational fix for this mess.  I had nothing.

This Christmas Granny surprised Aidan me with a solution.  She bought him a military trunk and ammo cases - the REAL deal, complete with canteens and a first-aid kit.  Not only is it super-cool, it really works. The train table is now ready for ... trains?  Who cares, just anything but a pile of Nerf Guns.  There's just one catch.  The trunk is full.  No more Nerf Guns!  Darn.

Merry Christmas Aidan to ME!  Thanks Mom for your genius-ness!

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