Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's Today!

As we have said in many of our shows, it just takes a little bit to make a big difference.  It relates to many things in our life, but today we have a reason (let's call it motivation) to take that step.  Today, November 15, is America Recycles Day.  Please join us and make recycling a part of - or a bigger part - of your life!

You know we've got all kinds of green stuff covered on What Really Matters.  Catch up on these important topics and make your big difference starting with a little step today.

• Recycling with Earth 911: tips to reduce, reuse and recycle it all.
• Green Celebrations: eco-friendly ways to celebrate every day.
• Freecycle: give (and get) stuff for free to keep it out of the landfill.
• Water: very surprising facts about the water we use.
• Ask Mother Nature: tips around the house for a healthy life and Earth.
• Clean Green: fight dirt, grime and germs the green way.
• Ed Begley Jr.: easy ways to be green from the famous veteran actor.
• Green Halloween: costume swaps, candy alternatives and party ideas.

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