Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Here are some thoughts and feelings about Mother's Day from some past mom guests. 

Read on and have a great day - you deserve it!

Being a mom is the best opportunity in the world for me to become aware of my own values and how I want to be in the world. Before I was a mom, I had no idea what my values were or what was important to me. But, as part of raising my kids, I've had to figure it out so I can consciously pass on the values I want them to have and the beliefs I want them to live by. As one of my mentors recently said our objective as parents is to "consciously train our children to act unconsciously in line with the family's values when it comes time to make decisions about how to be in the world." Unfortunately, most of parents are unconsciously passing on old belief systems, old patterns of thinking and I hope this shifts for everyone.

Love and blessings,
Alexis Martin Neely
Kids Protection Plan

For Mother's Day I celebrate by taking some time for myself in the morning while my husband takes the kids out for the to make some kind of artwork and buy flowers for the yard. The time for myself is usually spent going on a run followed by time with a cup of coffee, a book, and my journal at a park close to our home. When we all come back together in the afternoon we do a cookout!

Being a mom is an amazing gift. It provides unsurpassable opportunities for personal growth (especially in the areas of patience and communication!) and allows me to experience all the miracles and wonders of life again through my children's eyes. The process of growing into the role of 'mom' while not always easy, is definitely worth the journey. The more I understand myself and the unique personalities of my children the better mom I become.

Best tip for how I take care of myself...time spent on a regular basis developing personal interests! For me presently that looks like training for a marathon, practicing photography, and mentoring high school/college girls. Also (as hard as it is) it means getting out of bed and going on a run or writing in my journal at least 1/2 hour before the kids wake up! 

Emily Rempe
Productive Parenting

This morning I dropped my 16 year old off at the high school. Instead of driving off, I stopped to watch him walk in. I found myself immersed in memories, overwhelmed with gratitude for the privilege of being his mother.

As a professional scrapbooker, I meet thousands of women that are striving to preserve pictures for future generations. While this is a noble cause, it is no longer my primary motivation. The creative process of scrapbooking has taught me how to recognize a memorable moment, as memorable, while it is happening. This means I can choose to slow down and savor it. I scrapbook so that I can be present in the lives of my children and I absolutely believe that my presence today will influence the next generation far more than any scrapbook ever could.

If I can bring my full self and presence to mothering, so that I nurture and teach with inspiration, I will literally be shaping the future of our world. This is the kind of sustainability we need more of.

Stacy Julian
Big Picture Scrapbooking

Mothering for me is an act of love; a relationship more than a role, a duty, or tasks to accomplish. It's easy to get lost in the to-dos of mothering and lose the relationship. This includes our relationship with ourselves. We focus on the laundry, hitting the gym, filling the fridge, running the errands, and yet, while we may be busy, we feel devoid of meaning. Life feels like a giant to-do list.

Our children and our own selves are not merely empty vessels to fill with knowledge or activity. We are living beings that need to breathe and move and connect, to feel our connection with nature, our home, with each other, our friends, loved ones, and communities, and with ourselves, with our spirits. For this Mother's Day, I'd like every woman to pause and ask herself: How can I create a rich life of depth, meaning and purpose in the day to day details of my life?

That is the question I'm pondering this Mother's Day: How can I make my daily life a form of living prayer? Something that nurtures and fills me on such a deep level, that each mundane, boring day becomes a grace note, an opportunity to honor my needs, to fully experience this crazy gig called humanity. And the thing that I keep coming back to, again and again, is self-care.

Self-care is not just pampering, the bubble baths and pedicures. It's not a bank account --- good thing in this economy. Rather, it's a mindset, an intention to create a spiritually, emotionally and physically nourishing life. Every mother can give this gift to herself this Mother's Day.

So how will I spend my Mother's Day? Just being with myself, my spirit, and my kids. Taking a bike ride. A long walk. A picnic in the park. Feeling gratitude for the richness of mothering that I have in my life, thinking of all the women who have loved and nourished and mothered me, from my mom, to my girlfriends, to teachers, mentors, aunts and grandmas. Honoring the connection I feel to the sacred feminine, to the Divine Mother that is in every woman.

We are all so precious, so vulnerable, so worthy of tender, loving care. Honor this. From this place of strength grows our compassion, patience, love, and empathy, allowing us to create that relationship, to embody our values, to be present to our children and families --- to be present to our very lives.

Take good care,
Karly Randolph Pitman
First Ourselves

What a Mother’s Day this will be! Since last Mother’s Day my family has grown from three to eleven! My twin sons and I have been on our own for the last fifteen years, until God brought the sweetest man in the world to me last year. After a whirlwind romance, encouraged by our church family and our children, we married in November. This Mother’s Day finds me a newlywed, mother to seven adult children, and “GG” to two adorable little grandsons! Never thought I would be a mother of a two-pew family!!

Mother’s Calling
Bitter are the tears of a child;
Sweeten them.
Deep are the thoughts of a child:
Quiet them.
Sharp is the grief of a child:
Take it from him.
Soft is the heart of a child:
Do nothing to harden it.

By Lady Pamela Glenconner

My tip for taking care of yourself comes from something my mother instilled in me: “God will take care of you when you take care of your family.” How true… the greatest joy we can know on earth is to see joy in our children.

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Jill Rigby Garner
Manners of the Heart

Being a mother is one of the most amazing and challenging things a woman can do it life. It's being thrust into a position you're not yet qualified for and learning to trust your instincts. Developing a bond with a child you love so deeply is such a fantastic experience. Sure, there are days when they back talk and misbehave and life's not all fun and games. But then when they come up unexpectedly and hug you and say they love you, it can just melt you heart.  Hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Michele Little
One Chic Mama

Thank you Mamas!  Happy Mother's Day from Vicky and Jen!


Anonymous said...

I am not a mom yet but this post was very useful n engouragin I am really happy n blessed for knowin a great mom like you. Happy mom s day sweetie

The Country Mouse said...

Interesting comments from Pitman. I know there is a saying floating around out there (can't Google it up, though) that we must care for ourselves or we will be no use to anyone else.

Jennifer said...

Thank you for sharing! Happy Mother's Day to you both! : )

rjkleinsasser said...

I loved hearing these thoughts on mothers from so many contributors...thank you for posting these wonderful words!